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Do you have trouble seeing at night due to the fact that you have yellowed, cloudy, foggy, or nasty headlights? Have you had a headlight restoration company out before or did a DIY headlight restoration. Im guessing the results were not what you expected? Well our headlight restorations are a whole different ballgame, that's why we can offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY .

The process of a proper headlight restoration is A) sand off all remaining damaged inferior factory UV clear coat, 2) resurface the headlight, 3) throughly clean the headlight to remove any oils or sanding contaminants, 4) Mask off the headlight, ) Apply a Windshield Wonder, LLC UV-absorbing clear coat to the headlight and done!

Our technicians have been doing headlight restorations for 10 years. recently headlight restoration has become a fad service, with a lot of shops picking up the service without learning the correct way to restore headlights. If not done properly this can ruin your headlights costing you hundreds of dollars to replace. So let us get it done right the first time. Call Us (908) 941-0960

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