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So you were driving down the highway on the way to work, and out of nowhere "PING" your windshield gets hit with a rock! It sounded like a bullet, you thought it was gonna come through, but your windshield did its job and protected you. Now return the favor and get the chip or crack in your windshield repaired ASAP!

It is important to get a windshield repaired immediately as its not a mater of if but when it will spread out costing you a lot more to replace your windshield! Also the process of windshield repair is injecting a optically matching resin into the damage and filling the void, if you wait to long dirt, water and other road contaminations can get into the damage causing a repair not to look so good. So don't wait get your windshield repaired today.  Best of all almost all comprehensive insurance  policies cover a windshield repair. They waive your deductible and pay for the repair leaving you no out of pocket expence. Its a no fault claim so it wont hurt your premiums, and we take care of the process for you!

Our Technicians are highly trained and use the best resins and tools available to the windshield repair industry. combine that with the best training, practices, and technology the industry has to offer, and you know your in good hands! We provide a mobile windshield repair service so you have all the convenience in the world and miss little to no time doing what you need to do. So call today don't let that little chip spread into a big costly problem! Call Now (908) 941-0960